The Things to Do in Flores Indonesia While You’re Here!

Getting holiday must be the best one in life. Choosing the destination might be the disaster yet the best one. You may choose the holiday place for relaxing yourself for releasing stress. One of the best destination for your holiday in Indonesia is Flores. There, you can get the best experience about the natural of Indonesia. In the other hand, you can also feel the sensation of the most natural thing of the Indonesian. Change from Bali, you have to try the new destination. So, you can make a list for things to do in Flores Indonesia so you will never be confused on what are doing there.

The Things to Do in Flores Indonesia While You’re Here

For the recommendation, here are some list things to do in Flores Indonesia. First, you can never be skip to see the attraction of Caci Dance. Caci Dance is one of the attractive traditional dance from Flores. Where we can see it? You can be a witness of the Caci Dance in Melo Village. It is a traditional dance performance by Maggarai that is an ethnic group of western part of Flores. With the energetic twist and turns make it looks more attarctive. With the whip, Maggaraian saroong, bells,hood and buffalo hair, the dancer shows its best performance as the cultural identity in Flores.

Second, you cannot skip this activity as the things to do in Flores Indonesia which is tasting the delicious organic food. With no need garnish, the organic food in Melo village is the best cooking that never be skipped in Flores.

Third, for you who like drink coffee so you cannot skip this things to do in Flores Indonesia too. You have to taste the best coffee from Flores. Still, after see the Caci Dance and getting lunch you can also sip a glass of coffee while chit-chatting with your friends by seeing the Flores view.

For the last things to do in Flores Indonesia is tracking in Rinca Island. As we know that Flores has its iconic animal which is Komodo Dragon. So, you cannot missed the moment to meet the ancient animal. You can meet them in thIS little island. However, you have to follow the regulations while tracking around in Rinca Island because you cannot take a joke on Komodo Dragon’s bite. For walking around, there will be park rangers to guide you. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and go travel with Indonesia Travel!

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